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Download Portable Envelope Printer 1.5.1


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  • Software to print envelopes

    Whats new in version 1.5.1:

    • Some printers where very picky about how close the return address would print to the edges. I increased the space from the edge a little more and the same printers that where complaining now work fine.
    • The program now sets duplex printing to single sided if duplex print is enabled by default on the printer. When a printer had duplex print enabled by default it would feed the envelope though twice even though there wasn't anything else to print and would wrinkle the envelope. Also when doing a mass print and sending it all as one job would cause the next envelope to be on the back side of the last envelope. This is now fixed since duplex printing is now set by the program as long as the printer driver allows it.
    • Small tweaks to the print preview code.

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